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Recently I used USB LTE modem on raspberry pi. And there are lots of LTE modem. On this post I'm going to use alcatel l800. Modem. This modem use more easy than other modem in my experience. Any way If you need to start with Ethernet. First boot without usb modem like under picture. And don't use SSH. Of course you need to connect with a monitor and keyboard.


At system booted.
Type below code then you can see below screen.

if configshows network setting, lsusb shows USB device list.

There is only Ethernet network and local. And there isn't modem of course

Then Plug the USB modem (alcatel L800). Then pi reboot the pi (it will reboot auto because of power consumption problem). But after booted up it will not works. Because it is recognized USB mass storage. So we needs to install something can change the USB mode. Type the below code and you can see installation screen.


sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch

Then reboot the Pi. And type ifconfig then you can see USB0 on the network list
In any case we can't see usb0. Try reboot several times until modem recognize as network device

There is no ip on usb0. We need to configuring more and Type the code below to open config file
sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

And Edit the config file. At the end of line add the code below.

auto usb0
iface usb0 inet dhcp

And reboot again then type ifconfig. We can see the usb0 with IP
If you want to use modem, don't forget to plug out the LAN cable or you it won't work.

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  1. Congratulation for your work. Based on your experience, could this be transformed into a portable WiFi/LTE router? What is it missing as hardware/sw? Could it be possible to add OpenVPN and firewall/router features? Could a simple web interface be used for administration or you would advice the use of a small touch display?

    Thank you in advance for your opinion

    1. First It could be. If you use LTE modem and wifi dongle support AP mode. You can make WiFi and Lan network. (http://www.maketecheasier.com/set-up-raspberry-pi-as-wireless-access-point/) this other blogger's post is helpful.
      Second. I don't know about make VPN server or firewall feature, but the raspberry pi is linux board. Pi and router is essentially same. It will be possible.
      Third. Yes. I used few times Touch TFT LCD. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwUiBNCmBho) this another blogger's youtube is helpful. So It is easy for setup the screen. But it is hard to touch for formal UI buttons because of small size. If you have times I recommend you to use Qt if you have skill in programming.

      I wish it will be help for your project.


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