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Few days ago, my raspberry pi's IC was burned because of USB inverse current

So I decided to make my USB Y cable preventing inverse current
USB역전류 방지 (6)

In this picture I only plug USB extra power cable in battery pack.

But The USB hub turned on

It means that extra power cable's electricity makes hub turned it on

If Hub received too much power. It can be broken

In my case, I killed my raspberry pi


USB역전류 방지 (1)

This is my USB Y cable

First. We should cut the cover of the wire

USB역전류 방지 (2)
Then we can see the shield

And keep going

USB역전류 방지 (3)
In the extra power cable. We can see data cable

and no need them

So cut the RED(VCC) and Black wire(GND)

USB역전류 방지 (4)

Like this

USB역전류 방지 (5)
And another cable is Main cable for data comunication

We cut the red wire, Don't cut black wire

then, Data wire can't work

USB역전류 방지 (8)

We should covering the wire with insulating tape

USB역전류 방지 (7)

We all done

you can't see inverse current anymore.

But If you won't use extar power cable, The USB device can't works

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